New note.

New note. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Note, don’t sleep too long, your body gets used to it. Being in the dark. Being alone. Being immersed in nothing. Numbness. Reminder, switch the light on as soon as you arise from bed, your duvet shouldn’t be your casket. It’s not safe for you there. Go towards the light.Continue reading “New note.”

I’m Hurting

I’m hurting by Anuoluwapo Kehinde. The weight of the world so suddenly fell on my shoulders and I wept. I shuddered under the shifting pain, under the unbalanced emotions, beneath the anxiety and depression. On the ground, the world looked flat. No way around, no turning, nothing to change this story. The flatness compressing myContinue reading “I’m Hurting”

Where I am right now?

I want to delete my entire blog and start again but I paid money 😂and I have near 100 posts and I cannot be asked to start again. However, my blog will take a different turn. It will still be about God, Uni and poetry. But literally just that and a two new things. IContinue reading “Where I am right now?”

No title, just content.

Haven’t written poetry in a while. I’m not a big fan of what I wrote here. But it’ll do because it conveys what I’m feeling and have been feeling for a while. I’m going to become more consistent with my poetry and spoken word because I know I can do better. Or maybe poetry is the good thing that also cannot be in my possession?