New note.

New note. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Note, don’t sleep too long, your body gets used to it. Being in the dark. Being alone. Being immersed in nothing. Numbness. Reminder, switch the light on as soon as you arise from bed, your duvet shouldn’t be your casket. It’s not safe for you there. Go towards the light.Continue reading “New note.”

Mental health support…✨

For time to talk day, I agreed to talk about how I have supported myself and others through mental health issues and ups and downs. A lot of people seemed interested in this post, which made me think, instead of just talking about what I’ve done, I can give tips so others can support themselvesContinue reading “Mental health support…✨”

Mirror Mirror on the wall.

Mirror mirror on the wall. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde She holds her breath in, just to look slimmer, Wipes her eyes, but little tears still glimmer. ‘God why can’t beautiful souls be pretty on the outside?’ ‘God why did you make something so ugly?’ ‘God I’m sorry for insulting your work.’ The bathroom smells of bile,Continue reading “Mirror Mirror on the wall.”

Jericho. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde

Jericho by Anuoluwapo Kehinde Today we have more superheroes than villains These black boys becoming white souls That we call our heroes Today we have new saviours These black skins taking bullet rings Like they are made of steel Today our heavens open Can you hear those commands of “hands up,” “Hands where I canContinue reading “Jericho. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde”

Therapy is why I can.

Therapy is why I can. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Hope is the sight of you. An out stretched arm ready to receive me The light at the end of the tunnel My dark days are made brighter when you’re around I guess a friend could also be a saviour Maybe I’m not the burden I believedContinue reading “Therapy is why I can.”

Why my plate is always full

I love being busy, it keeps me occupied physically and mentally. See when I’m not doing things I have time to think. Thinking, for me, is dangerous. I cannot be left alone with my thoughts, so I seek solace In being busy. I work, go to uni, blog, maintain social medias, I’m president of aContinue reading “Why my plate is always full”