Pillow Fairytales.

Pillow fairytales. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde At night- Like always, I contemplate. The ways you could love me, The ways you would cherish and hold, Till death do us part- I journey to a world where we were together A little cottage on a hill With children bustling at our feet. We are happy. Living aContinue reading “Pillow Fairytales.”

Love me like you do.

Love me like you do. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Hey baby, I love you Hey baby, please talk to me Hey baby, why won’t you fucking listen, don’t be rude Baby, don’t get me mad, you know i hate it when you don’t pay attention Baby, just fucking stop Look here, you’re pushing all my buttonsContinue reading “Love me like you do.”

I’m Hurting

I’m hurting by Anuoluwapo Kehinde. The weight of the world so suddenly fell on my shoulders and I wept. I shuddered under the shifting pain, under the unbalanced emotions, beneath the anxiety and depression. On the ground, the world looked flat. No way around, no turning, nothing to change this story. The flatness compressing myContinue reading “I’m Hurting”

Is your friend really your friend?

I have amazing friends and I am constantly grateful for their lives. But some people haven’t been as lucky as I have. So I’m going to share some tell tales of traits that a bad friend may have. A bad friend may not necessarily be a bad person, just remember that. Knowing someone for soContinue reading “Is your friend really your friend?”