Love will not heal me.

Love will not heal me by Anuoluwapo Kehinde 

Love will not heal me.

Wine and dine me only on the good days,

Leave me crying on the days I feel most broken,

Don’t say you love me.

When you ignore my calls because I am being emotional,

I hope you don’t ignore my last call.

I may never love me.

So don’t question my need for therapy,

Reassurance is my cup of tea and I’ll drown in it.

Trust and love aren’t equal.

I guard my heart and create obstacles,

Words and actions of love aren’t trustworthy,

If the walls I built are too high to hear or see.


Catastrophe by Anuoluwapo Kehinde 

Baby don’t text Me.

I fall in love with words,

Tales of the places you’ve been,

Sounds of the towns you’ve seen,

Can’t you see.

I live in the tenses and dreams,

The hopes in ink;

Spilled from pain and me-
I am the catastrophe.

The reason you woe and muse,

Crumpled paper and cups of tea,

Unread messages you’re afraid to read,

You fell in love with me,

In between the subordinate clause of friendship and the ‘what are we?’

Now you’re crying over verbs and adverbs which we once lived.
Plural to singular ,

New accounts on tinder and love me dot com,

Lucky you still have the pictures we took at prom,

I’m sorry I broke up with you in the car,

Words can’t describe how quick I fell in love with you.
I thought I told you,

I fall in love with words.

Love. Luv. Lies. 

Love. Luv. Lies. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde

I hear you say you love me;

Same tone as I love your waist,

Your thighs and eyes, 

I see your lies.

True love is what you call this;

Accent full of deceit, 

Fairytales and tragedies,

Ocean deep in fantasies.

Stars shine brighter than your silver tongue,

Quick, smooth and sweet to touch.

It has felt places I’ve never seen before.

But why is your love hidden down beneath?

Come closer and whisper to me,

Endearing words from song lyrics.

I know you love me,

But you love this more. 

Six, Ten, Nine.

Six, Ten, Nine. By Daniel Famiyeh

Life is far from sweet.

In our Galaxy; In the Milky Way,

Shooting stars are strapped to waists,

And people don’t hesitate, to let their Starburst.

As blood-red Roses stain our Quality Street,

After Eight, a Bounty of thoughts fill my head.

Life is far from a masterpiece.

But here I try to paint pretty pictures portraying pitiful pain.

Hot wax for the waning rage; Watercolours for the woeful sorrow.

Personalities blend together on the easel of my mind.

Confused strokes consume the canvas,

As I create caricatures of myself.

Life is a journey.

But nobody’s moving from their station.

I pray, but I doubt, that just one of you will catch my train of thought.

So for the one that does,

For the one that boards,

Make sure you don’t fall into the pit.

Mind the gap.


Breathless by Anuoluwapo Kehinde

I miss your face
The way your lips curl in when you smile
And your eyes light up when you speak
Each word you utter falls gently on my skin
Lightly caressing me, touching me
Leaving me.
I miss your voice
I’ve called your mobile phone
So many times, just to hear it once more
Your voicemail saying “please call back”
And I do, over and over, waiting patiently for you
But there’s still no answer.
I miss your love
You embraced me on the bad days
And fought away memories of my mistakes
Loved me through the times I destroyed myself
You saved me from jumping in front of a train
And let me cry in your arms.
I miss your presence
They say ghosts never leave you
If they have unfinished business
But our love isn’t over, so where are you hiding
Between the time of death and the goodbyes I said
I still remember your lips replying, “I love you”.
I’m sitting at your grave
Missing every inch of you,
Even the parts of you that you left in me
Have gone missing and I feel like an incompleted jigsaw
I have found it so hard to keep living,
My heart stopped beating the moment yours did
So why am I still living in a world without you
I miss every part of you, so damn much.


Icarus. By Andrew Odame

An oracle, who called me towards his presence.

Enthralled by his beauty, Apollo.

In reverie my paper-kite wings flew

Towards the sun’s essence.

Confusion becomes curiosity,

To youth pondering in the solitude of imprisonment.

O father, I still find you

difficult to understand.

Rather than decaying in the void,

I’d have my legs and wings ripped off.