New note.

New note. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Note, don’t sleep too long, your body gets used to it. Being in the dark. Being alone. Being immersed in nothing. Numbness. Reminder, switch the light on as soon as you arise from bed, your duvet shouldn’t be your casket. It’s not safe for you there. Go towards the light.Continue reading “New note.”

Hiccup in Spring

Hiccup in spring. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Three years of therapy, Four months of sertraline, I thought I was fine. I’ve found that it’s dangerous to stand by the beach watching the horizon I’ve gotten lost in the beauty of the scenery and forgot to note, When the tide came in. I thought I was fine,Continue reading “Hiccup in Spring”

Pillow Fairytales.

Pillow fairytales. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde At night- Like always, I contemplate. The ways you could love me, The ways you would cherish and hold, Till death do us part- I journey to a world where we were together A little cottage on a hill With children bustling at our feet. We are happy. Living aContinue reading “Pillow Fairytales.”


“What was I pouring out when nothing was pouring into me” I recently heard this sentence and decided to reflect on it at a later date. This sentence, pregnant with so much meaning, looks simple. And it is don’t get me wrong. But it is definitely life changing. So like always, when I reflect, let’sContinue reading “Reflection”

Act broke stack notes

Act Broke Stack Notes The real Tea When people ask about money management, those who have a lot of money usually say “save” or “act broke stack notes” And I’d like to dive deeper into this and what it means to me. So, to me, acting broke and stacking notes is not the same asContinue reading “Act broke stack notes”

Love me like you do.

Love me like you do. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde Hey baby, I love you Hey baby, please talk to me Hey baby, why won’t you fucking listen, don’t be rude Baby, don’t get me mad, you know i hate it when you don’t pay attention Baby, just fucking stop Look here, you’re pushing all my buttonsContinue reading “Love me like you do.”