New note.

New note. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde

Note, don’t sleep too long, your body gets used to it. Being in the dark. Being alone. Being immersed in nothing. Numbness.

Reminder, switch the light on as soon as you arise from bed, your duvet shouldn’t be your casket. It’s not safe for you there. Go towards the light.

Don’t forget, place your meds in a line, so you reach towards a horizon, a bottle of water to chase it down. Music playing in the background. Stay committed or be committed.

Write down, everyday, things that you are grateful for. Reasons that cause you to rise from bed. Places you don’t want to go again. Scratch pen to paper, let the ink blot, watch it run a little. You can’t get this freedom elsewhere.

Smile, because suffering shouldn’t be a constant emotion. Put a mask over the pain, that’s it. Let the edges of your mouth creep up. The tears in your eyes, they’ll make it seem like your eyes are glistening. They’ll pretend they are happy. Pinch your cheeks a little, bring some life back into you.

Now you’re ready.

Good morning world.

I won this one today.

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The purpose of this blog is to journey through the abstract and creative nature of my mind. It serves as a safe space for me to air out my thoughts and ideas, without judgement. Have fun on this adventure... x

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