Pillow Fairytales.

Pillow fairytales. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde

At night-

Like always,

I contemplate.

The ways you could love me,

The ways you would cherish and hold,

Till death do us part-

I journey to a world where we were together

A little cottage on a hill

With children bustling at our feet.

We are happy.

Living a story we created,

While we were young-

A fairytale so sweet it makes my gums hurt,

My eyes bleed from reality-

Stung by the truth of it all.

Dreams are fiction and so far from the real,

My mind journeys back to this world.

And I fall asleep to the rhythm of my broken heart,

Like always, watering my pillow

For more dreams to grow,

About the ways you could love me.

Even if you don’t.

Published by AnuMaryBlogs

The purpose of this blog is to journey through the abstract and creative nature of my mind. It serves as a safe space for me to air out my thoughts and ideas, without judgement. Have fun on this adventure... x

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