“What was I pouring out when nothing was pouring into me”

I recently heard this sentence and decided to reflect on it at a later date.

This sentence, pregnant with so much meaning, looks simple. And it is don’t get me wrong. But it is definitely life changing.

So like always, when I reflect, let’s break it down.

‘What was I pouring out’

So that’s questioning what I was putting out into the world. What energy I was producing. Was I a blessing? What did I contribute? What did I have to offer? What did I have to give? What could I even give?

Then the statement… ‘when nothing was pouring into me’

What am I getting back? How am I being refilled? Am i getting anything back from what I contributed?

Think about it…how can you pour out anything if there is nothing within. When the vessel is empty, what can the vessel give? If there is no rain, what can be drawn from a well?

Then It made me question what if…something was coming in. What then?

We have to question what we are allowing in now. What if you’re pouring out negativity and you’re letting more negativity in. What will become of the world around you?

Alternatively, if you’re letting good things into you, then you’ll surely pour out positivity, light and love.

To conclude my reflection. I hope in the year 2019, what I pour out is only goodness, motivated by the fruits of the spirit I would have acquired. I pray what is poured into me, to replenish me so I have enough to pour out, are the fruits of the spirit. Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self control.

Have a blessed year guys x

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The purpose of this blog is to journey through the abstract and creative nature of my mind. It serves as a safe space for me to air out my thoughts and ideas, without judgement. Have fun on this adventure... x

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