Love me like you do.

Love me like you do. By Anuoluwapo Kehinde

Hey baby, I love you

Hey baby, please talk to me

Hey baby, why won’t you fucking listen, don’t be rude

Baby, don’t get me mad, you know i hate it when you don’t pay attention

Baby, just fucking stop

Look here, you’re pushing all my buttons


Now look what you fucking made me do

I said I loved you but you were rude

Why didn’t you listen, be obedient like you should

Heck, stop crying, I’m not in the mood

You know I still love you

You just get me mad sometimes, don’t you?


I heard you, I heard you

I just forgot what it meant

You know I get forgetful

I still love you, I’ll repent

I know you didn’t mean to

I can be a handful but I’ll bend

You love me, I know you do

But don’t take it out on them too

Published by AnuMaryBlogs

The purpose of this blog is to journey through the abstract and creative nature of my mind. It serves as a safe space for me to air out my thoughts and ideas, without judgement. Have fun on this adventure... x

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