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MoStack’s Debut Album- Stacko

There has been a growing hype surrounding MoStack’s new album Stacko. With the recent announcement of his UK Tour, expectations on his new album has risen. Now finally dropped, the album lives up to the hype.

Stacko takes us on a journey of growth, financially, socially and mentally. MoStacko, uses his creative medium to tell us his experiences as a man in the music industry. As a listener, I picked up on several things that I’d like to share and even one day discuss with MoStack himself.

My observations are not in chronological order based on the song list in the album. Instead, they are based on what played first on shuffle on Spotify.

What I observed through listening:

Take em Down has a Clartin’ vibe (J Hus song in Common Sense album). I love it. Honestly at a concert I need Clartin’ & Take em down to be played one after the other. I want to feel the same the energy that the two songs produce. I especially love the soft, fading ending of Take em down, to say this song is good is an understatement; it’s sensational.

STINKING RICH. Let’s just say I wasn’t ready. Three of my favourite UK artists in one song? My head was spinning. Prior to this album dropping, MoStack tweeted: “In less than a few hours there’s going to be a MoStack x Dave x J Hus out.” 33.7k likes later and I’m still not over the introduction of this collaboration. I really believe the features on this album are a power move but we will talk about that later.

Lyrics from Stinking Rich that really moved me:

“I went from a chump to a champion as I flip the script” (MoStack)

Just deep this- chump means “a foolish or easily deceived person”. We all know what a champion is already so, MoStack LITERALLY flipped the script. He gave us a juxtaposition of character traits, and he alliterates them. When he said he flipped the script he really did.

“Bought my girl a purse and now they want to pursue me” (Dave)

Dave’s word play has always been amazing and super tight. With him I’m always careful to re-listen because his lyrics often go over my head. He is essentially telling the narrative of how he does something sweet for his girl and now people either follow him to get a similar treatment or try to attack him for it. He could be talking about anyone regardless of gender. It’s a clever line. Often male artists aren’t allowed to show a soft side even if it’s to their significant other. This line embodies the difficulty of doing gestures like buying a purse for a girl and dealing with consequences such as persecution.

“You don’t know my life, but I’ll give you a summary

They tried trick me with their reverse psychology” (J Hus)

I love this line because it reminds the public about the struggles J Hus has had with the authorities and we sympathise with him for it. It also reminds us that we don’t know anyone and indirects teaches us to not judge a person for what we don’t know. Giving us a summary, implies trust but the trust is so limited because even the summary he provides is so limit. However, the summary he gives is pregnant with meaning. He THEN goes on being his playful self, by giving us a line that IS reverse psychology. “Fifty racks on me, but I’m looking all raggedy”

A lot of rich and affluent people have been said to behave in this manner. Wearing expensive clothing but not looking expensive is part of the reverse psychology mentality to suggest the money can’t always be seen. The true nature of things can’t always be known, which takes us back to his previous line “you don’t know my life”.

The rhyme scheme and the flow in his section of the song is undeniably skilled. What I did take away from this feature is that J Hus’ voice is changing so much. I can’t exactly describe it but something is different in his tone. This does not, however, impact his lyricism as it continues to develop immensely.

As a whole I lived for every single intro to all of his songs in this album, they are mental. You’d think he’s about to do country music, electronics or even bashment but then it transition into a grime/hip hop beat. I like how the instrumentals force you expect nothing from MoStack. This is a good thing because he can deliver to an un-expectant audience and hopefully like myself, they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I have the uttermost respect for the way MoStack proudly calls the female genitalia a vagina. I find it respectful which is ironic because his music often depicts women in a not so respectful light.

My last observation is the features present on this album. MoStack has very strong features; Dolapo, Dave, J Hus, Stormzy. Amazing, right?

These are part of UK’s finest artists, that are constantly in the media’s light and are always on the rise. This was a very strategic album and I cannot wait for his concert in London to enjoy his music live.

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